When you sit at the counter in The Grubstake, you are sitting in a tiny bit of Bay Area history! The rail car that houses half of The Grubstake originally served the Key Line that provided transportation between Berkeley and Oakland and San Francisco. The Grubstake became a diner - long before diners were trendy. Then it was red and white railcar and it was called The Orient Express. It sat alone on the lot with an alley where the present dining room is located, and the kitchen was at the Pine Street end of the car. In 1967, the owners of The Grubstake I at 142 Mason Street (now the site of the Parc Fifty Five Hotel) established The Grubstake II in the rail car. When business expanded, they added the present kitchen and dining room.
Today, The Grubstake continues the tradition of serving cooked-to-order burgers and breakfasts—as well as full meals and house-made desserts—from 5:00 p.m. to 4:00 a.m. Tuesday - Sunday.


Serving breakfast all night is only one amazing part of what Grubstake has to offer. We won't even mention (ok, we will) the amazing Portuguese menu, great sandwiches and salads as well as a wonderful selection of wine and local craft beer. Come try our amazing menu and enjoy an exciting diner experience, right here at Grubstake. 

Open Tuesday - Sunday 5pm - 4am!


Have a special occasion coming up? Want to get some friends together? Grubstake is great for your next large party, we love to accommodate groups for any occasion. Come to Grubstake for a traditional diner experience, we promise you and everyone in your group will love it! 

Call (415) 673-8268 to make a reservation!